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It's been too long, but here I am again.  Yesterday we completed our chicken experiment.  Earlier this spring, I ordered 25 meat birds and about 30 layers and roosters.  The kids and I have enjoyed watching them grow from tiny chicks to fat meat birds!  Our layers are pretty and won't be laying eggs until later this fall, but our meat birds reached maturity this past week.  Unfortunately, the total number of meat birds that were still alive had dropped dramatically thanks to the cats who figured out how to get in their enclosure and most recently the over 100 temps we had last week.  We only had 8 left to butcher.  So, Paul and I processed those eight chickens and we have already enjoyed one of them.  He was tasty!  I don't know if I want to do that again, but we'll see.  It was a great learning experience for our kids to see where chicken meat comes from. 

I have had the pleasure of getting some riding in lately.  It seems to be working out well for me to take one of the mares and leave her baby with the other mare and baby in the yard.  He is never alone and doesn't even hardly miss his momma until she comes back and starts calling for him.  We've had a neighbor's yearling heifers get in with our cows so had to do some sorting.  Garrett is learning how to be a great helper and loves to ride Sam.  Sam is a great teacher for him, too!  The other day, Garrett and I sorted 15 head of heifers out of the cows all by ourselves without any problems. 

Clint's birthday is next weekend.  We are talking about doing an overnight camping trip to the Sand Creek camping area just south of Beulah, WY with the Keffeler's.  He is excited about sleeping in a tent!  We haven't gone camping at all but it has been on our list of things to do for a very long time!  I found a tent that Paul and I had when we first got married and thankfully, it looked good as new when I opened it and checked it out the other day.  It is only big enough for a few kids so we need to find another tent.  Or, maybe I should just pull my horse trailer along and sleep up in the goose rather than getting a new tent...probably won't, but it was an idea! 

Looking forward to spending tomorrow with our family from the Northern Hills church!  Have a great one!


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