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More rain...

I don't think anyone would ever complain about getting too much rain around here, but all this moisture has been making it difficult to put up some hay lately.  I love not having to water my garden, too!  Things are growing good so far and most of my tomato plants and hot pepper plants have come back after a little hail storm we got last month.  I knew things would not grow as well in this dirt as they did in Iowa, but we did mix in some old manure and I guess the good thing is that the weeds aren't as agressive...yet!

This spring we decided to purchase some chicks, both layers and meat birds.  They arrived about a month ago and the kids and I have really enjoyed watching them grow and change.  Unfortunately, the cats around here also enjoyed watching them and more than once got ahold of some.  We don't have that many to butcher anymore.  Ugh!  I am excited for the day when I will start getting eggs, though, since we go through so many eggs!  Most days I go through at least a dozen.  

We had a nice visit today with old friends while we remembered a beautiful, wonderful lady who lost her battle with cancer 6 months ago.  Christy Weber and her husband, Bob, took all of us from Tech that made our way out to Fort Wayne, IN feel at home.  They opened their home to us and treated us like family since ours were so far away!  

After we got home this afternoon, Paul's Dad informed us that we had five bulls missing from the cow bunch.  So, we loaded up horses and a 4-wheeler in the trailer and Paul drove the pickup with all the fencing supplies in it out to the north pasture with me following with the trailer.  Garrett went with me and we started out by looking at one neighbor's bunch while Paul went through our bunch one more time to take another look.  By the time Garrett and I got done with the neighbor's to the west, Paul had found the bulls.  They hadn't been gone, they had just been hiding somewhere.  So, the lost was found.  I wish all days would  be that easy!  :-)  But, we had fence to fix so jumped in the fencing rig and went to fix some broken top wire and holes we had seen.  The clouds had been building so we knew something was coming.  We just got back to the horses and trailer when we started getting big drops of rain.  It was a nice little shower and enough to keep Paul out of the hayfield a little longer.  

I had wanted to get back to Belle Fourche for the first performance of the rodeo at the Black Hills Roundup, but we got back from up north too late to make it.  The coronation for the new Jr. Miss Rodeo South Dakota and the 2012 Miss Rodeo South Dakota took place right before the rodeo and I have just recently learned that Courtney Peterson from Sisseton is the new MRSD lady-in-waiting and Kay Marrs from the Whitewood area is the new Jr. MRSD!  Congratulations ladies!

Until next time! 

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