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I've entered the world of blogging...

I am not much of a writer, but this is mainly for my friends back in Iowa who I miss dearly!  Paul really should be the one on here so I will try and have him add some additional insight on our new life as ranchers in western South Dakota where I can count the number of trees I see from my kitchen table on one hand and I can see many miles!  :-)

Today it is much cooler (only in the 80s) than it was yesterday!  Yesterday we hit 100 and it was hot.  Paul was cutting in one of the alfalfa fields and the swather was overheating so he could not run the AC.  He was in the "sauna" while cutting all day!  Yuck!  Thankfully, I was either horseback or running back and forth from the field so it was bearable for me.  We have been taking lunch and supper to him in the field so he can stay at it.  The kids and I are enjoying the daily picnics on the tailgate of the pickup.  I could use some ideas for quick and easy lunches to haul to the field, though!  I'm running out of ideas.

We branded the final 7 calves today.  Paul and I held them while Dave did the branding and vaccinating.  It went smooth, but I am glad to be done with that phase of the year!  All the cow/calf pairs are out to summer pasture and with the bulls.  Now, I will just try and get through them on a regular basis to check for anything sick, hurt or missing. 

Tomorrow is the Style Show for the Jr. and Miss Rodeo South Dakota pageant in Belle Fourche.  I hope to take Cherokee and Cody Rose with me to watch.  Next year, it will have been 20 years since I was up on that stage competing.  Wow!  Time sure has flown!!

Happy Independence Day!!

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1. AJ | July 01, 2011 at 12:31 AM EDT

:-) What a wonderful 1st day of blogging! Yes, 19 years ago with you in your full LAura Ingalls Wilder costume bonnet and all - singing \"Hail, SD\" accapella. It was awesome! Thanks for the memories. \"I Love Rodeo and I Love SD\" did I get it right?

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