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Happy Birthday, Cherokee!!

Twelve years ago, I was blessed with giving birth to my firstborn!  God blessed me by choosing me as her mommy.  We had a fun day we've had!  It was a sunny, hot one but we enjoyed it by working in the garden and in the flower bed around the house.  For lunch, we took mini-pizzas out to the field to feed Paul and then mid-afternoon we went back out with a snack for him and had Cherokee open her gifts then.  The boys gave her a Lego board game, Creationary, and she got a nice camera from us.  This evening after supper, we loaded up in the Suburban and headed over to Newell Lake which is about 12 miles away by road.  If we had a good trail straight across, we would only have to drive about 4 miles.  The kids got to "swim" and dip their toes in the lake for awhile.  What a great way to cool off!  Paul and Cherokee experimented with her camera and I'll have to get some of their pictures loaded soon. 

Tomorrow we are having a little party for Cherokee.  She is asking for an ice cream cake like Tina Weber made for Eli last year.  Yummy!  I will get that done in the morning.  I'm too tired to stay up late tonight! 

The haying is coming right along.  Paul just keeps cutting and his Dad keeps making stacks.  This afternoon, his Dad broke down so Paul helped him do the repair so it came to a standstill, but they'll be back at it tomorrow. 

Last night, when I went to pick up Cherokee from my parent's place, I came home with two mares and two babies.  I was asking to borrow a couple horses so I could rotate and give them more rest in between rides.  I have some riding to do next week so we'll see how they do without their babies for a little while.  I plan on taking one mare at a time so both babies can stay with one momma.  Both are pretty cute, so I'll have to get Cherokee to take some pictures of them. 

Until next time...

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