Winkler Ranch

Fall has arrived at the Winkler Ranch

The chilly mornings and warm days around here have marked the arrival of fall. We have been very thankful for the little showers we have received lately, but it would be very nice to have a good soaker one of these days.

The winter wheat is up and looking good and the grass-fattened steers are just that...getting fat! They look good! The calves are getting bigger and in about a month, they will be weaned from their mommas. We will be preg checking the replacement heifers and cows soon with our "new" ultrasound machine. Paul will be using the ultrasound machine mainly for checking carcass quality on our market animals, but we will also take advantage of the machine for preg checking.

Our kids are back "in school." For our family, that means back to the kitchen table. We began our homeschool journey seven years ago and have not regretted that choice once...well, there have been days. :-) No, not really! I love having the kids be part of the family's operation here and they are learning both "books" and "ranching" while they are growing up. They get to be involved with their Dad and their Grandpa's day and are actually very good helpers!

The kids have been busy gathering their toys that have been spread out so they don't get buried when the snow starts a flyin'. Just this morning, I had to unhook and drain my chicken water hose. I will now have to haul water to the chickens, but they also come over and drink from the cat water by the house.

Paul and Dave have been moving the haystacks getting them in position for feeding the herds during the snowy months when their winter grazing is covered. With the wet spring we had, the hay crop was wonderful!

My chickens still haven't started laying any eggs, but they should start soon. Last weekend Paul helped me get some chicken laying boxes put up in their home. Now, I just have to be patient and wait for them.

Today we need to go look through the cows and replacement heifers for some missing neighbor's cattle. At the same time, we want to get some pictures of the cattle. I hope to get some new pictures loaded later...

Until next time!

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